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Julie Pranikoff


Accessible Yoga

I trained as a yoga instructor (RYT 500) with the Urban Zen Foundation in New York City and also received my certification in Accessible Yoga. My training included instruction in yoga, breath work, guided meditation, and essential oils.  


I earned my PhD in environmental and health psychology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. My research focused on how individuals make personal meaning of illness and injury. 

I believe that yoga can be an integral tool for self-care and that it should be made available to individuals with varied yoga backgrounds, as well as those coping with physical and emotional challenges. Accessible yoga means that I create an atmosphere where clients feel supported practicing at their own pace and where they can truly listen to their bodies and learn how to fine-tune their postures.  Props and physical adjustments allow clients to shape an experience that best supports their needs.  

As a yoga teacher, I have worked with health care professionals in hospitals; patients and their families in healthcare hospitality residences; as well as individuals and small groups in a studio setting.

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