I love this class!!  It is gentle and restorative with expert guidance to assist you with every pose.  I'm not very flexible and really need yoga!!  This class allows me to achieve a wonderful stretch even with my body's limitations. Julie incorporates the use of the mat, blocks and chair to assist your body in every pose.

     Julie works with the breath and gently guides you through each pose.  She offers Reiki at your discretion and infuses each class with subtle aromatherapy that adds to a wonderfully relaxed experience.  I feel absolutely relaxed and energized at the end of every class!!  I highly recommend you give this class a try!!

     I also had the pleasure of experiencing a private session with Julie...amazing!!  It was the right mix of challenge and relaxation.  She offers aromatherapy and Reiki, which creates a truly unique yoga experience.  Her instructions are clear, allowing you to experience each pose within the limits of your ability and body.  She customized my session to address my needs.  If you've always wanted to try yoga, this is a safe space and Julie is an excellent instructor!!

Kathy M. 

.     .     .

     I was having very sharp middle back pain and tried a range of things to get relief.  I started going to Julie's yoga class for people with back trouble. We do yoga mostly in a chair.  This cut my pain in half at a minimum. Julie is always very positive and routines can be done at your own pace.  The end of class is always very relaxing and it is a great way to get relief in a positive environment.  I think it is great!!!!

Jack W.

.     .     .

     Bringing yoga into your life can be a liberating experience. It can calm the mind, energize the soul, and enhance the body's physical capabilities. If you are looking for assistance, I have no doubt that Julie is the one who can successfully guide you through this journey. With technical skill, compassion, and positive energy, she will give you the tools to achieve your personal goals. She literally turned my life around, showing me that I could be more, do more, and achieve more both physically and mentally. Through her demonstration, I learned proper techniques. With her support, I grew to love challenging my body and I achieved improved health and wellbeing. Whether you are hesitant to try yoga for the first time, you are looking for ways to decrease pain and improve flexibility, or you just want coaching to enhance your yoga practice, Julie will open new doors you didn’t think possible. She is AMAZING! 

Cheryl M.

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